5 Practical tips to improve your English pronunciation and reinforce your personal Brand

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Fecha(s) - 27/11/2015
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Centro de Emprendedores

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This workshop is an introductory session in Spanish and English; practice will prevail over theory and humour will be an important component.  No specific level of English is required.  The aim of this session is to help entrepreneurs in their daily serch for a better Brand positioning and it is part of a Broader Project called “Professional English for Spanish professionals” which has been giving successful results in different professional fields.

  • To master the pronunciation of a selected list of English words and expressions usually used by entrepreneurs when dealing with customers or giving presentations.
  • To give practical tools and strategies to tackle with the correct English pronunciation of these expressions so that they can reinforce their professional image.  In other words, this entails that if you improve your pronunciation, your Personal Branding Strategy will be stronger.  On the contrary, an “spanglish pronunciation” will pose a serious threat to your presentations and interviews.
  1. A brief introduction to English pronunciation.
  2. Ear training and pronunciation practice with up to 15 TOP English words and expressions such as Elevator pitch, Personal Branding, Expertise, business, marketing or Community Manager.
  3. Group and individual work.
  4. Exchange experience time.


Yolanda de San RafaelSpeaker

Yolanda de San Rafael Sánchez Mateo.  Cultural manager and English trainer. She holds a PhD in English Language Studies from the University of Alicante an she has an extensive English teaching experience as Associate Professor and as English for Specific Purposes expert.


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