Business English Day: How to make your idea unforgettable to a business angel

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Fecha(s) - 13/12/2013
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Centro de Emprendedores

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In the professional world it is needed to present ideas or products in different forums.  Undoubtedly, the efficacy of the a presentations depends on how we are able to perform it.  Usually the use of power point does not work as well as we would like, indeed the vast mayority of presentations based on progressive exposure of PowePoint slides, are boring, unclear an therefore nothing effective.

This workshop will develop the basis and methodology for effective presentations in a simple and entertaining way.  As well as design the strategies to follow to design both each of the slides, and the whole presentation.

For that, we will use defferent tools such as power point, prezi or powtoon, depending on the objective of the presentation.

The methodology of this Business English Day is eminently practical and participatory, to ensure that participants understand, practice and assimilate the concepts presented.  Thus, throughout the conference, students will develop presentations and practical way using the concepts that will be exhibiting in order to practice both techniques and the English language.


Ángel Nájera Pérez.  PMP Project Manager Professional & PMP Trainer


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