Overcome the fear of speaking English

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Fecha(s) - 30/01/2015
9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Centro de Emprendedores

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A new meeting in English with interactive lectura and debates in which participants are expected to join in.

This time, we will be addressing one of the most difficult issues for  many Spanish speakers, the embarrassment of speaking the language.  Even if you don’t have “vergüenza” you can benefit from this workshop by learning how to organize your speech in a more effective way.

You Will Learn How To:
  • Prepare an impromptu speech.
  • Organize and structure your speech.
  • Improve your skills in public speaking.
  • Overcome your fear of speaking English.
  • Gain greater confidence in speaking English


Workshop Activities Include:
  • Delivering a two-minute speech on a selected topic.
  • Useful phrases for structuring your oral presentation.
  • Conquering speaking apprehension & stress relief.
  • Use your imagination in a more powerful and friendly way.
  • Useful tips and tricks on how to succeed in public speaking



Ana González is an English teacher and Master in English translation.  A Certified Life, Executive and Business coach, Master in Psychological Intervention with Developmental Behavioral Modeling (DBM) & Ericksonian Hypnosis.  NLP remodeled with DBM Practitioner.

She has numerous workshops, courses and seminars dealing with leadership development and communication, with proven experience in overcoming the fear of public speaking and the fear of speaking English, through her “CocahEnglish Courses”

She’s also president of Toastmasters Alicante Speakers Club, having achieved the Competent  Communicator and Competent Leader awards at Toastmasters.

She loves traveling, meeting people and volunteering, both in Spain and around the world.


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