Alicante Open for Business

With a Dream Quality of Life

Alicante is in the centre of an area with numerous global business opportunities in an excellent geostrategic position. It is the heart of the Mediterranean Arch, where services and resources for companies with ambitions to grow in the international market abound.

Alicante serves as a hub connecting Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, linking Asia with Europe and America. A Spanish city with a superb, comprehensive range of infrastructures which offers unbeatable competitive advantages for investors.

It is open to contact with other territories and served by a global multi-modal transport system, with a port and international airport, a High Speed rail link and freight railway, metropolitan transport, and a comprehensive road and motorway network. This makes it a strategic logistical hub for the south-eastern peninsula in the centre of the Mediterranean Arch with an international mission.

This document contains a sample of all the high quality resources available to you and your company in the city of Alicante and its surroundings. We offer you the ideal place to nurture your business, particularly if you work in the health, digital technologies, logistics, tourism and street-life sectors.

This sales brochure is among the initiatives taken by the Local Economic and Social Development Agency as part of the 2020 Alicante Competitiveness Alicante Plan.

Click on the images to download the sales brochure Alicante Open for Business in four languages: Spanish, English, German and French.

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