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The rationale for ImpulsAlicante

Ever since it was founded in the year 2000 the Local Agency has been responsible for the promotion of economic development policies for the city.

As an important social agent, the activities it promotes are aimed at society as a whole. They cover training, employment and foster the creation and implementation of businesses that stimulate the productive fabric of the city.

The rationale for the Local Economic and Social Development Agency, its mission, is the following:

Boosting the economic development of the city.

Promoting and developing appropriate training to improve workers’ skills and facilitate their employability taking into account the real needs of local businesses.

Supporting the cooperation and consolidation between businesses.

Promoting the labour insertion of disadvantaged groups.

Promoting a process of social, cultural and educational revitalization which fosters the creation of new businesses and, as a result, employment.

Enhancing and managing territorial employment pacts.

The employment department deals with the following programmes:

Training programme for employment

Socio-economic research bureau

Business research

The economic promotion area develops the following programmes:

European Projects

Entrepreneurs Centre

Guidance and mentoring for entrepreneurs and established businesses

Business Incubators

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