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The main aims of the Local Development Agency are facilitating the labour market integration of the unemployed, bringing together companies and workers to become part of their workforce, and providing job training to those who require it in order to enter the job market.

Employment Agency

The Local Development Agency fosters the labour market integration of the unemployed, brings together companies and workers to become part of their workforce, and offers job training to help people enter the job market.

To make the job search easier our Employment Agency, along with the National Employment Service, aims at putting in contact those enterprises looking for workers with the unemployed.

This service is totally free of charge for both enterprises and the unemployed. Please, make an appointment before visiting us.

No matter your age, training or experience. The Employment Agency will come up with the right action plan to help you access the job market.

Frecuently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to subscribe to the Employment Agency?

To participate in the employment guidance and insertion programme, please ask for an appointment. Use the calendar you will find on this website.

What can we offer you?
  • Every user will be offered a personalized insertion itinerary, tools and skills to increase their employability, and information about job offers which will help them access the job market. All of this while making use of the Employment Counselling Network Red Orienta of the Valencia Regional Government.
  • Training in transversal key competences. Do you know which the most important ones for your professional profile are?
  • Support from a specialized employment consultant.
How we will help you?
  • We will arrange an interview with you where an employment consultant will help you analyse your professional profile and how it fits the reality of the job market.
  • You will be referred to group and individual sessions which will help you improve your professional profile.
  • We will offer you an action plan to start searching for a job. You will be informed of the available training options both to improve your professional knowledge and the skills you may be required (languages, key competences, etc.). We will help you choose the ones that fit your professional goals best.
  • The employment consultant will support you for 6 months. They will follow your progress and answer your questions.
  • You will have access to the job offers available at the Employment Agency.

Let us guide you

We can offer you personalized help free of charge. Ask for an appointment