We are committed to innovation as a key element to support business growth and its profitability

Among others, the Local Development Agency promotes:

Collaboration with the University of Alicante

And its investigation centres, facilitating the implementation of work teams and their investigation projects to later become businesses.

A wide variety of support

Helping non-local businesses carry out feasibility studies and analysis of the benefits of setting their businesses in Alicante.

Experts on several areas

Showing enterpreneurs’ projects to experts on internationalization, marketing, finance, etc. to learn from their views on how to make the business profitable.

Support for the obtaining of aids and subsidies

Aimed to promoting innovation.

Attracting investors for innovative projects

Especially in innovative, technological, diversifying and potential sectors for the creation of qualified employment.

Supporting business ventures

Diversifying businesses through professional support and by offering spaces for accommodating businesses in either of the two incubators the Local Development Agency has at their disposal.

Promotion of innovation through training

With the objective of disseminating innovative practices.

The Local Development Agency aims to facilitate the necessary resources to the innovative enterprises, both local and international, willing to establish their business in Alicante.

Guidance for innovative businesses

In need of technology? Partners? Specialized workers? The Local Development Agency, in collaboration with training centres in the province and specialized consultants, offers you turn-key services to provide you with the necessary resources to make your business idea a success. Tell us your idea and we will help you.

Ask for an appointment with our consultants.

Laboratory of ideas

The city of Alicante is engaged in a process of continuous improvement. We want to promote innovative and technological projects which can make Alicante an increasingly more comfortable city to live in and enjoy to the full.

Do you have an idea to help us improve our quality of life? We want to help you set it in motion.